Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shopping Spree, Surprises and Packing ... An Adventure

Tuesday was my big shopping spree day in Saint John! This would be the final big shopping trip before my move. I had my list all prepared , my stores all picked out and a plan in place.

Everything was going great got to Saint John picked up my sister's wedding dress from the dry cleaner then headed to mecca.... COSTCO!  I had a short but specific list for Costco and I stuck mainly to it. Which in Costco is virtually impossible due to the things you manage to find and think... " Hey I might need all 15 of those" and buy it.

After the Costco adventure(where I am sure people thought I was crazy for having a big bottle of Advil , Robaxacet and about 750 Vitamin D pills) I had to go get jeans. That was an adventure and a half mainly because I am so darn picky about jeans! Well Addition Elle had NO jeans... so off to Reitmans ... no jeans there but got a cute windbreaker. So Mom and I decide to take a break and grab lunch that is where the surprise came in...

While eating my older sister called and asked about her wedding dress. Kathie then asked to talk to me where she informs me I need to tell my mother to be at the airport at 4:30pm. I was like what the heck! Well it turns out my uncle , whom I had never met  and had not been home in 31 years was coming home for a week! He actually leaves the same day as me (May 15th) I leave from Fredericton at 6am and he and his girlfriend leave from Saint John at 5:20pm.

Needless to say that there were alot of tears at the airport! So only a few people in my family knew he was coming home mainly my parents and my sister and her fiancee. So we surprised my Nannie who was shocked as heck!

So after a night of chatting I wake up this morning to the power being out... not a big deal you think well when there is no ceiling fan or air conditioning it makes for a very cranky Jeka.

Today was the day of packing for me... well at least one tote! I got most of my sewing stuff packed and even a buch of odds and ends . I was prepared to be over the 70lb limit it was about 50lbs so I thought that was pretty darn good! I still have a few things to pack and some stuff cannot be packed until Monday ( like clothes I am wearing !)

I also have to get a few more things for Paislie so that she can eat and have litter during the first few weeks of living in the North.

The cool thing I have been noticing thanks to is that the sun is coming up extremely early (like 3:30am) and the nights are like twilight until like 11pm. Which is soo cool. I am looking forward to taking lots of pictures! I also spoke to my store manager and she confirmed for me that I will have both phone and INTERNET when I arrive in Kimmirut. Thank gosh! I think I would probably be going crazy without them.

Well the next few days are going to crazy busy, cleaning , packing and getting ready for my Nannie's 70th Birthday Open House on Saturday.

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  1. Jeka just began reading your Blog this morning I look forward to hearing all about your trip. You should FB Mrs Myatt to ask any questions you might have she lived in the great north for two years