Monday, July 16, 2012

If You Wait for The Weather You will Be Always Be Inside

My store manager told me the other day that if I kept waiting for the weather to be nice to go out and do things I would be inside always. We have been getting alot of icky weather here. Nothing super bad just foggy , drizzly and rainy. I know that to alot of you down"south" would be praying for some of that .( You guys can keep the humidity)

 I was off on Wednesday and decided to take Sheryl's advice and get out. My version of getting out had been walking  and I decided to walk a bit further. So I packed my bag with water ,munchies ,camera and off I set with no real plan in mind.

I am lucky that Sheryl knows what area I go exploring in in case something should happen to me she would know where to send them!

Here is where I started

This is looking out on the spot where I usually stop my walk due to the sled dogs that are out there. However they seemed not to be there today.. I did find a deceased dog  out there which was sad since it was just lying there.

After crossing over the small stream I decided that I would go up this hill and see what was up there

First Hill done. I was proud of myself  as you can see the fog is out and it semi darkish out , no rain at that time but it looked like it the whole time.

Here is the next hill ... the top is covered in fog!

Once you go up you must go down! Here is a view from the top of the hill.. You can kind of see the ATV trails, that is what I was walking on!

So far the only non carving Inuksuk I have seen semi close up  in the second picture the red hill in the upper right hand is the hill I climbed up to and then down.

Looking down on town from the top of the hill my house is the one with the white roof on the left

Half way down the very steep long hill the adrenalin was pumping I am petrified of heights!

The end of my hill.... Thank God!

So I wasn't very bloggy this week we have been very busy the past week gearing up for sealift... So guess what the next blog will be about . that is right SEALIFT!


  1. Great to hear from you again. Waiting for the next blog. Love the pics, as always. YOu look great by the way. Brenda

  2. I kind of envy your cooler weather. We are having such a hot spell. But I know it can get very warm in the North, at least it did where I was. Love reading your blogs and looking at your pictures. Keep them coming and take care. Lynda

  3. I admire your dedication, you set out to do something and you are accomplishing that. I pray that God draws close and you find him in a new way. Blessings Jeka,