Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday, Boating and more

I have not been very good about writing my blog for the past few weeks.  I have been try and experiencing new things recently.

I have had the opportunity to go boating twice now which was amazing! Although I have yet to realize I need a Parka to go boating. I tend to get cold way too darn fast!

My second boating trip was with friends from work for my birthday. August 6th was a holiday here as well as back home .. it also happened to be my 25th birthday! The plan for our day was to go out to a spot called Iqaluit ( no not the city however there were times that I thought we were almost there) to go fishing. Possibly a bonfire and more.

When we started out it was sunny and beautiful a light breeze was awesome! We have been having a really interesting summer here in Nunavut. The city of Iqaluit has been without sealift because of the ice in the bay. Well some of that ice has come hit the outskirts of our bay and I got to seem some large ice bergs!

I love this iceberg! It looks like a lion...

We stopped off to an area where Randy and Ning's families had cabins. We wandered around and I found a caribou antler and decided I wanted a pic ..

Also during out outing we got to see killer whales! I have never seen a whale before and that is saying something considering I am from the Bay of Fundy!

After we hit the Iqaluit spot we got to do some fishing... I didn't catch anything but still had fun and would love to go fishing any time!

The weather turned chilly and to say I was cold would be a lie ... I was frozen solid the winds coming off the boat and the rain chilled me to the bone. We stoped to grab some food and such before we headed back into town.

While we were there we decided to take the guns out and shoot at the ice bergs. I have never shot a gun before in my life so I was not allowed to shoot the 308. So I got to shoot the 22 which was cool no kick back or anything. I got Ning to take pics so I would have proof I shot it .
I got to shoot it twice and then I let someone else take over since I haven't got a clue about guns.

I had a great birthday and amazing time boating with some awesome people!


  1. Happy to hear from you again. Keep the stories coming. If not for the cold, I could really enjoy these adventures you are having. Love the pics. You look so happy and content. miss you. Brenda

  2. Happy Belated Birthday... looks like you had a fabulous time!!! :) Love your stories... keep them coming!