Monday, November 19, 2012

So This Is Fall?

 I am back after a short intrenetless hiatus! I went over my limit for the month of my Internet so I could only do the basic of things and even when I bought an extra GB of bandwidth I was still overly cautious ( YouTube is my downfall sometimes!) I was very worried about making it until my anniversary date of the 18th !

Now that I have finished my rant over the lack of Internet, here is what has been happening in Kimmirut.

Fall has descended on Nunavut.... I have a hard time typing this because I do not believe it is fall .... I am pretty damn sure it is winter though everyone tells me that it is fall and winter is not yet here. I did miss the leaves turning and the smell of fall in  New Brunswick this year but  I got to have some awesome adventures this fall/winter.

One of the things I have been doing recently is socializing with friends more. Almost every night we get together for dinner and tv or a movie. We also go to each others houses and just chill. It is a new thing for me as I would have people over once in a while but generally stuck to myself now not so much which is great now that the days are getting shorter!

Ever since daylight savings time ended I have been having a hard time adjusting to the fact that the sun goes down before my lunch  is over.. ( I normally have lunch at like 2-3) It is pitch black when I arrive home it really messes with your mind. It is hard when I am off and sleep in till like 10 , 11 or even 12 ( sometimes I need the sleep ) and I only have a few hours of day light..

This is what sunrise looks like ... this was taken about 9 am
Sometimes we don't even get sun just little teasers! This was about 12pm

Then the sun goes away

Through all this change of daylight hours the weather has been very inclement as well! Blizzards and snowfall warnings have hit Kimmirut twice in the past two weeks it is now officially Canada Goose weather ( for me it has been for the past two weeks!) I did not purchase my Canada Goose parka until I got up here mainly because in New Brunswick that is not possible in May so I ordered mine through work and it isn't here yet :( So Sheryl lent me her Canada Goose Resolute parka ( the same model  I ordered )  she does not need it because she is way acclimatized but I do!

Loving the Goose!


  1. The early nights are hard, aren't they? This is my first time too.

  2. How well I remember those dark days in Fall and Winter but the flip side is really nice because in the Spring and Summer you have daylight for such a long time. You will really need that coat once Winter sets in because your temperatures will plunge to below anything we are used to here. But you will love it. I am so glad you are getting into a social pattern because that is important when you are in isolation. You will develop some great friendships. Love hearing about your adventures so keep them coming. Take care. Lynda

  3. Thanks for the post! I miss this time of year in the Arctic. Next year, look at the tundra and watch the changes there - it happens around September. It's not as spectacular as southern Canada, but still as majestic.

    And, just to clarify something, the Arctic is no more isolated as anywhere else. You can be all alone in a city or the prairies as much as the North.

  4. The lack of the daylight really messes with me too! Are you taking vitamin D? I do find it helps us!