Monday, March 25, 2013

Why Hello Spring Welcome To Nunavut!

Spring has hit the North!!!!!

I was so excited last week to wake up to some amazing temperatures here in Kimmirut. It was mostly around 0 degrees for most of last week. I think I did the happy dance in my entry way as I did not reach for my Canada Goose parka. 

It has been very interesting to watch Spring come to the North. In talking to my family down south ( who by the way on the first day of Spring got a blizzard and I had 0 degree weather with sun) they are having much warmer days. That is ok a warm day to us here in the Arctic is -5.

My friend Sarah who lives in Pang was having much more Spring like weather than Kimmirut and she is farther North! I loved looking at the pictures she took for her blog which showed tundra and shimmering roads. Here not so much we are still snow covered and it is cool enough to keep everything frozen which is keeping the hunters happy.

I think it is funny that last year in May when I arrived it was what I would call "frigid" and now I am basking in the Spring weather. Does that mean I am dancing around in carpi's , flip flops and a tank top ...nope! Spring in the North means you downgrade your Canada Goose or like sized parka for a "southern" winter jacket or if you don't have one ( as is my case) the spring jacket you arrived with. Hats are optional except on windy days and you down grade from homemade leather or animal hide mitts to store bought ones. Your heavy duty -65 degree rated boots can be exchanged for a light winter hiking boot or rubber boots and Sunglasses are a must.

I always thought it was funny before I moved here when I read peoples blogs about the different layering practices in the North now that I am almost full circle I can say to those people who I thought were crazy.... I bow to your superiority in this department. 

I was not prepared for layering. I am actually going to be purchasing a winter jacket when I am South on my vacation just so that I have something for in between light jacket and Parka and Parka and light jacket. The best blog post on layering is located at  now it says Iqaluit but take out Iqaluit and substitute Nunavut and it is basically the same thing. According to some I live in the Hawaii of the North and I follow the practices mentioned in this blog.

Though Spring has sprung looking at our temperatures forcasted for the rest of the week . The Parka may make an appearance once or twice .....or maybe I will just find a hoodie to wear under the spring jacket....


  1. Looks like you have learned a lot about Arctic weather and such. I am sure you are looking forward to your vacation down South, here, ha ha. I never thought of us being down South but I guess compared to where you are, we are down South. I think Spring has finally arrived here too. Hope I get to see you when you are home for a visit. Take care. Lynda

  2. Hi Jeka,
    It's amazing how one adapts to their environment as you have. Spring I must say, is my favorite time of the year, new life beginning again. The buds springing forth and bringing hope of beauty to come. Of course with that comes mud and bugs, but as with all things there comes some things not so pleasant. It helps us to be grateful for God's beautiful creation. I hope I get to see you when you come to visit, I'm sure you have a long list of things to do while home, so I will understand if you are scheduled to the max. Blessings on your adventure.

  3. We have been enjoying spring temps here in Baker too! This past week has been hovering around -20 and it has been heavenly. I can't even imagine how nice your weather is!!! So jealous! :)

    1. WOW -20 and that is warm.... Glad I don't live in the western Arctic lol... It actually droped down in temps today about -7 without the windchill and -12 with .. enough that I darn near froze to death doing cargo at the plane lol

  4. :) thanks for linking up my blog... love your changes to your blog! :) I'm loving the sunshine and blue skies right now... even if it is a bit 'crisp' outside! :) such awesome spring weather!

  5. Hey Jeka!! I've a blogging favour to ask of you - do you have an email or something I can contact you at? :)

    (Nunavut Chillers)

    1. Hi Lily

      My email for blogging is Looking forward to hearing from you!