Saturday, November 3, 2012


My next blog post was going to be about my visit with my Nannie  as she was due to leave today.. Guess what she is still here! We got a wicked snowstorm last night and into today. Lots of snow down and mixes of freezing rain and snow needless to stay no planes flew today.

After spending the better part of the morning re- arranging Nannie's travel to Monday so she wont miss any of her connections ( and possibly saying a few choice words for her travel agent who said they did not take care of cancellations or weather delays) and calling home to make sure that people back home knew she was not coming. She got all settled in I had to go to work which sucked but oh well.

Before work I decided I would go take some pics of the outside and the weather .
Looking out on to the harbour ... that is actually fog not snow but love the pics.

After taking these pics I decided to indulge in some snowman building... It was just the perfect snow for snowmen! I did not have much to work with to make the snowman but I grabbed two green thumb tacks and a baby carrot and a piece of licorice and green food coloring.

This was my final creation:

Sadly when I came home from work for lunch Mr. Snowman was no more due to the freezing rain :(  It was still fun to dress up in all my winter gear (snow pants and all) and romp around in the snow!


  1. Hello Jeka :D nice to see ur little friend there and the great view of our harbour...yes i know it was alittle rough through the night, wet roads too..

  2. Love your snowman. Hopefully the weather will co=operate so that your Nanny can fly home. Nice to have her for a few more days though. Lynda

  3. I can certainly relate to this post, having been stuck numerous times. I remember being stuck in Iqaluit for 3 days waiting to get a flight to Qikiqtarjuaq and going up to a week with no plane (or mail or fresh groceries..) in Arctic Bay was pretty common