Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Exploring in the Rain and Snow

Since my last post I have been working like crazy..

We had to do our general merchandise inventory on Saturday which was kind of fun and monotonous which made the day go by faster. I hadn't had much of a chance to explore or do anything exciting. I am settling into a great routine.

It is very hard to keep up with your healthy eating routine when your access to alot of the foods and brands I ate at home is very limited. I asked my manager if it was possible to get my favorite Greek Yogurt in and sure enough it was possible and today it came in on the plane! I was pumped.

There are only six 4 packs in a case and with an expiration date if the middle of July .. I foresee another case coming in before then lol..

A cool thing I have learned since moving to Nunavut is that my name Jeka means jacket in Inuktitut ... For almost 25 years my name has not meant anything and now it does... The little kids here think it is cool.

I am slowly learning Inuktitut I hear words and then I lose them so I think I am going to have to grab a notepad and write words down phonetically when I hear them and what their meaning is so I can remember it.

Last night I got a phone call for Jacket , from my bosses husband inviting me over for BBQ. I love BBQ so I never turn it down and living alone cooking for one person sucks. After a great steak we were sitting around chatting about Kimmirut and the areas I have been in. Sam and Sheryl suggested we go for a drive to the "outskirts"

Sheryl , Sam , Cassie and baby Dougie and I get into the truck and off we go. I have to say that I live in a beautiful area! Even though there are no trees there are tonnes of beautiful rock formations , natural lakes and even some bushes!

I got to see great expanses of water , which is great because I love water! The area reminded me alot of New Brunswick and PEI all mixed into one. We also went up to the top of one of the big hills in town by the Power plant(who knew?) and our water lake , the old dump and the new dump .

Here are some pics from the top of the big hill!

                              This is off toward where people go hunting to the flow edge.

The Heel from up high

Ice break up

                                                 The one with the white roof is Mine!

                                                    I love the backdrop for this pic!

I can't wait to explore the outskirts when the weather is a bit more co-operative and there is grass!

Until next time!


  1. Glad you are liking your new home. Always enjoy reading about your adventures. Keep them coming our way. Take care.


  2. Love to hear your stories. Miss you like crazy though. Today I had to do phone training, ughhh. As I told them, this is the first time I have done the phone tarining, I always get Jeka to do it, She's the expert. Other than that the training is going well. Mock calls start tomorrow afternoon.
    Happy to hera you are settling in, keep the stories coming. Untill next time. Brenda

  3. Great to hear from you again. Love the picks of no-man's land! :-) Great experience you are having.
    Keep us posted. Thanks Jeka

  4. Hello Jeka,

    I finally located your blog through Explorer, as Firefox got me nowhere! This post is the only one I have read, and it was written exactly a month ago. Do you remember studying The North in grade 5 Social Studies? I don't recall if Nunavut existed at the time. Retirement does that to you...I will enjoy following along now as you become more familiar with your new surroundings. I think it is a fabulous experience, and that you are a brave and indepependent woman to try this. Good luck and enjoy the short summer there!!

    Jean (Malloy)