Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Month Seems like a Life Time

As of Friday I have been in Nunavut a month. It has not seemed like a month it has seemed like I have been apart of the Kimmirut community for much longer. Which is great because it means I am accepting Nunavut as my new "home".

I still miss New Brunswick , especially my family but we talk alot through Facebook and the great phone plans everyone has gotten :) I am loving my job and the people I work with. I learn something new everyday. I am working on my Inuktitut ... I have progressed to 9 words.... OK well phrases and 7 words.

Slowly but surly I am getting use to living in Nunavut. Before I moved I was eating a lot healthier and working out more. Moving here got me out of whack I was eating alot of convince foods that I could just throw in the oven. I am working on making healthier eating a priority to me. That means Wednesdays will be my cooking day ... no more baking for me more making meals for the week .

There is a goal I have for myself that I want accomplish this summer. At the other end of town there is a big hill that goes up past the RCMP detachment to this flat spot by the power plant. I put some pics from up there in my last blog. I want to walk up that hill and just chill on the upper part when the sun is up, Which is pretty much from 2:30am until 11pm and supposedly getting longer!

Now that the ice is breaking up I cant wait to take some more pictures of the area. Although it has been rainy and foggy here so not ideal picture taking. Although I am looking forward to seeing the Sea barge when they come in. We are expecting ours to come in the middle of July.

The sea barge is how large quanties of dry shelf stable foods get shipped to Nunavut communities. It is a better freight pricing and can supply you with alot of dry goods and cleaning products. I was lucky because Sheryl( my boss) was able to get my cat litter and cat food on the barge order. Though it was very hard figuring out how much cat food my cat eats and how much litter she uses because I bought cat food and littler supply for a year.

A cool thing for us in Nunavut that happened this week was Qiniq (our Internet provider) launched a new package. Here in Nunavut the Internet packages are similar to Rogers there is a cap after so much usage. I hit my cap this week ( which was ok because my renewal date was tomorrow) Well the new package is like 80 bucks a month but gives very fast speeds and a higher cap.  I was super pumped because I was not able to really use the Internet except for basic Facebooking .

Sorry for no pictures this time but I am sure I will find something to take pictures of here against soon!


  1. Great to hear from you again. I am sure you will meet your goal, You always do. I look forward to your blogs each week. Keep us posted. Miss you, Brenda

  2. i seen your picture and its nice to see then,glad everything is working out..

  3. I knew you would like life in the North. It does take a little getting used to but it is pretty cool. Those small communities are very warm and welcoming. Glad you are getting back on track and I know you will achieve your goal. You inspired me to make a change and I have lost 24 lbs. since March. So keep up the good work. Love reading your blogs. Keep them coming. Lynda

  4. Jeka,
    It is great hearing from you. New Brunswick misses you too. It great to hear that you have set a goal to climb that hill, I am back on my recumbent bike on a daily basis, in hopes to get in better shape, Like Lynda, you inspire me as well. (Way to go Lynda)
    The verse God led me to, as I pray for you is:
    Ps 16:8 I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.
    May you find comfort in these words through your journey.