Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Walking on Water

On Sunday I decided that since I was off I would go on my first adventure on the Ice!

Sunday was beautiful here in Kimmirut. I was even able to walk around town with no jacket during the day. After confirming with my boss that I did not have to go into work to cover while the planes came in (the scheduled passenger and freighter planes had been canceled due to weather on both Friday and Saturday) and which level the tide had to be to go out on the ice. I packed a backpack , water bottle, binoculars and my camera and set out.

Sheryl(my boss) told me to follow the skidoo trials. There are actually like two main ones, one of which is by my house so I set out there only to find that I cant go that way because of all the ice break up. So I walked along the mushed up ice on the coast line toward the second area that skidoos usually go on and off the ice. During my walk along the coast I saw a dead seal that had no head *graphic pic*

And this cool looking dog who scared the crap out of me because he jumped from behind this rock and barked his heart out at me!

So as I go along I get to the point where the skidoos come on and off and the same issue too much broken ice ... BUT WAIT FOR IT!

There was a guy coming up from the ice on a 4 wheeler so I followed his trail and got going toward the ice. It was a bit slick getting down there and on the way down I found another dead seal ... this one was a bit more real seal looking.

So I finally make it out to the ice , there is lots of water there as the tide was coming back in, as long as I didn't go near the big pools I was good .

Here are some pics of me around out on the ice! You can see the ice wall that forms on the heel when the tide goes out.

And me !!!

This was such an awesome day out on the ice! It was prob my first and last chance to go out on the ice right now because of break up and warm temps. I can say that this is my first TRUE Nunavut adventure and I am looking forward to more!


  1. I enjoyed that. Glad you are enjoying your experience in the North.


  2. So glad you are have such a wonderful adventure. It is good to hear all about it and i do hope that we hear more of your adventures soon.

  3. there may be a story in the headless seal -
    looks like your living like a local and getting a true picture of life in Nunavut - good for you.
    Blessings on you adventures and may God reveal himself in many ways as you look to Him

  4. You look great. Nice to hear about your adventure. Keep them coming. Brenda

  5. Glad you made it down to the ice!!! :) Awesome photos... can't wait to hear about your next adventure.