Thursday, April 26, 2012

Leaving on A Jet plane ...with a Pink Cat Carrier

So my itinerary is confirmed the recruiting office sent it off to me yesterday and I confirmed with them today. I was a bit worried about bringing my cat Paislie in the cabin with me as I know I will be taking a smaller plane into Kimmirut but they confirmed everything and she is all set too!

The itinerary is a bit hectic leaving Fredericton at 6am .... ouch I don't like early mornings and I will have to leave St.Stephen probably around 4am to get there! The great thing is it is a short flight to Ottawa with a layover then off to Iqaluit a short layover in Iqaluit then on to Kimmirut. Paislie is confirmed for everything the whole way.

This lead to a impromptu race to Wal Mart for a soft cat carrier! My younger sister and I went and hummed and hahhhed over a few and finally decided on this pink flowered cat carrier...

So my cat is going to be a styling flying kitty!

Today was also another day of checking things off my To Do list. I had to talk to Service New Brunswick about my Medicare card since they have not mailed me a new one yet and stopped into the Eye Dr about more contacts.

I even was able to get everything switched at the bank. So today I felt like I accomplished quite a bit. I was even able to get some sizes for totes so I can ship some items to Kimmirut!

Since I am off work tomorrow I think I am going to decide what I am taking with me and hopefully get some stuff sorted out. I need to figure out my final baggage allowance and decide how many additional bags I am going to take with me on the airline.


  1. Have fun sorting. That is the hardest part, I think, deciding what to take. I hope you keep blogging because I will be interested in reading your daily blogs.

  2. Thanks Lynda! I will definatly be blogging hoping to keep everyone at home in touch with my adventures