Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where it all began......

How it all got started.....

Last August my grandmother and I were having a conversation about life.  I had almost put in 4 years at my current job as a trainer in a local call center. She suggested applying for jobs out in western Canada. My response was a sarcastic "Well why don't I move to Nunavut" and the idea was formed!

I spent a few days scouring the Internet for jobs applying for a few here and there in the North. while I was searching I came across a blog that mentioned the Northwest company. It was a guys account of his time in Nunavut. So I thought what the heck and googled the company's website they were accepting applications so I submitted mine.

The next day while driving to work I got a call from them inviting me to an information session in Moncton. They told me a bit about the company and advised that after the session they would conduct interviews if I was still interested.

I had to wait until the 23rd of September for the session , which was ok gave me lots of time to research the company as well as living in the North.  The day of the session I took my grandmother as my mom had to work. We got to have a good 2-3 hour session , where they told the group of us ( there were about 8 of us all together) After learning more about the company, I was quite intrigued to say the least.

I decided to continue on with the process and interview. The recruiting manager advised me at the end of my interview that once they had my references checked they would let me. Well then came the weeks of waiting... checking with my references to see if they had spoken to them and such.

It was the Monday after Thanksgiving that I heard back , they were moving forward with my file but it could take a bit as they match the person with the community and the positon.

Move forward 7 months....

I had emailed the recruiting manager a few times just a quick check that nothing had opened up. April 1st I was driving to work and got the call. They were offering me a position as a supervisor, administration at the Northern store in Kimmirut, Nunavut. I had until that Thursday to accept or deny the position.

After talking to my family and the district manager for Kimmirut and the store manager I decided to accept the position... Mind you I spend a few days in tears over a bit of fear....

This leads me to my adventures in Nunavut!


  1. Hey Jeka,
    How exciting for you - you will be mi missed at work. I pray that God will direct your paths and lead you each step of the way.
    Many blessings my Friend.